On the Beat of Black Lives and Bloodshed

By Trymaine Lee

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Media Outlet: the New York Times Sunday Review

From The New York Times Sunday Review:

"In my early years as a police reporter, I often pulled up to a crime scene minutes before the homicide detectives arrived. Too many times to count I’d find a young black man my age or younger dead with a halo of blood or brain matter splashed on the pavement. Often there were shell casings sprinkled around freshly fallen bodies.

Some were killed over turf, some out of revenge. Many were victims of the deadly grind of the drug trade. Others were killed by the police. A high number were innocent people caught in crossfire, many of them children..."

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Trymaine Lee was a Class of 2016 & 2017 Emerson Fellow at New America, writing a book on the true costs of gun violence in the United States, in terms of lost dreams and wasted dollars. He is a national reporter for MSNBC.