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Journalist Ventured 'Behind The Lines Of Jihad' To Interview The World's Most Wanted

Souad Mekhennetappeared on NPR's FRESH AIR to discuss her new book I Was Told To Come Alone: My Journey Behind The Lines Of Jihad:

DAVE DAVIES: There may be times when perhaps it gave you a level of safety to be a Muslim woman. Were there times that people in these groups resented the fact that you were a professional woman playing this role?
SOUAD MEKHENNET: Well, they were certainly asking questions about that. And I then always argued that the first wife of the prophet was also a working woman. And then they kept silent because they knew that I had my answers (laughter) to those kind of questions. But yes, they were very - they were very surprised also that I was unmarried and doing all this. But to a certain extent, I think also some of them were fascinated by that.