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Franklin Foer: Is Jeb Bush rising?

George W. Bush never really suffered for his sins. But his kid brother sure has.

The Jeb Bush campaign is a nine-figure boondoggle that suckered cronies from Greenwich and Dallas into investing in a can’t-miss-opportunity. Pundits took so much pleasure in his plummet that they couldn’t imagine it could ever be reversed. With his few remaining breaths as a candidate, however, Bush may have a path out from his debacle, an actual shot at the nomination.

For months, he tried and failed to crush Sen. Marco Rubio. But he wielded the hatchet like a man who would rather be sailing. What he needed was a wingman. On Saturday, Gov. Chris Christie, with his bully’s instinct for weakness, baited the golden boy into choking — thereby, relieving Bush of all the throbbing pressure to stage a miraculous New Hampshire comeback.