Franklin Foer: Is Jeb Bush rising?

In The News Piece in the Dallas News
Feb. 8, 2016

George W. Bush never really suffered for his sins. But his kid brother sure has.

The Jeb Bush campaign is a nine-figure boondoggle that suckered cronies from Greenwich and Dallas into investing in a can’t-miss-opportunity. Pundits took so much pleasure in his plummet that they couldn’t imagine it could ever be reversed. With his few remaining breaths as a candidate, however, Bush may have a path out from his debacle, an actual shot at the nomination.

For months, he tried and failed to crush Sen. Marco Rubio. But he wielded the hatchet like a man who would rather be sailing. What he needed was a wingman. On Saturday, Gov. Chris Christie, with his bully’s instinct for weakness, baited the golden boy into choking — thereby, relieving Bush of all the throbbing pressure to stage a miraculous New Hampshire comeback.