Episode 197: Interview with Mara Hvistendahl

In The News Piece in Steptoe Cyberblog Podcast
Jan. 8, 2018

Mara Hvistendahl was interviewed on the Steptoe Cyberblog Podcast on the allure, defects and mechanics of China's emerging social credit system:

While the US was transfixed by posturing over the Trump presidency, China has been building the future. Chances are you’ll find one part of that future – social credit scoring – both appalling in principle and irresistible in practice. That at least is the lesson I draw from our interview of Mara Hvistendahl, National Fellow at New America and author of the definitive article on the allure, defects and mechanics of China’s emerging social credit system.
In the news roundup, Nick Weaver dives deep on the Spectre and Meltdown security vulnerabilities while I try to draw policy and litigation implications from the debacle. This is bad, but the class actions will settle for pennies. Oh, and xkcd has all you need to know.
I note that US Customs and Border Protection under Trump has imposed new limitations on border searches of electronic devices. So naturally the press is all “Trump has stepped up border searches aggressively.” No good deed unpunished, as they say.