A Checklist for Protecting Our Elections from Foreign Meddling

It’s Bigger Than Mueller, It’s Bigger Than Collusion, and It’s Urgent
In The News Piece in Just Security
Jan. 12, 2018

Joshua Geltzer wrote for Just Security about how Americans should prepare themselves against hostile foreign agents undermining our elections:

These initial steps, however, hardly constitute a comprehensive response.  There’s hope that, in a bipartisan way, at least one of the multiple congressional committees that continue to investigate Russia’s efforts will outline in detail the nature and scope of the threats we face and a series of concrete steps we can take to mitigate them.  But we cannot rely solely on Congress to address this issue.  A multifaceted response is required, and it’s needed soon: with the 2018 midterm elections right around the corner, any reforms are best undertaken as far as possible outside election season, when partisan politics tend to transform conversations on these sorts of issues into contests for advantage between Democrats and Republicans.  Thus, while it’s impossible to cover completely this complicated issue in a short(ish) essay, here I’ve taken an initial pass at laying out some of the key questions that different institutional actors should be answering with respect to the persistent national security threat election interference now clearly represents.