Black Colleges, From the Start, Were Given Less and Expected to Do More

In The News Piece in New York Times
Stuart Monk /
Aug. 10, 2021

Adam Harris's book The State Must Provide was reviewed by the New York Times.

Harris evokes a sense of urgency by laying out the stakes of letting longstanding inequalities among our colleges and universities continue as they are. He joins a new wave of scholars like Eddie Cole, Cristina Groeger, Matthew Johnson and Crystal Sanders looking critically at how race, education and history intertwine to shape our present-day reality.
Higher education is like a hub in a wheel, connecting different parts of society, from the economy to the legal system. What happens in higher education affects us all. And what affects us shapes higher education. The State Must Provide is a must-read, detailing the complex dynamics that both reflect our nation’s dark history and show us the way toward a more equitable future.