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Bush Trifecta Lands on Obama: Gaza, Iraq and Afghanistan Imploding

Anand Gopal has argued convincingly that US troops left in Afghanistan got drawn into tribal feuds and destabilized the south and east of th

The Costs of Big Data

The article itself, by education journalist Anya Kamenetz, describes Purdue's Course Signals, a kind of semiautomated system to alert studen

How to Get Famous

Hao Wu - on his documentary film "The Road To Fame" about the dreams of young acting students at the prestigious acting school in Beijing.

You Should Ditch Work to Go Watch Soccer, Say Productivity Experts

Christine Rosen, a fellow at the New America Foundation who studies our interactions with technology, pointed to the perils of multitasking.

What Afghans Think About Bergdahl, the Taliban, and U.S. Intervention

Q&A with Author Anand Gopal

How Should The U.S. Leave Afghanistan?

As New America Fellow Anand Gopal recently wrote, "The categories we take as rigid and unchanging, such as 'terrorist', are in fact remarkab

Americans Have Never Had So Few Options in Deciding What Company Makes Their Meat

Americans, as it turns out, have actually never had so few options in deciding what company makes their meat. "The US meat industry is more

12 Questions About Bowe Bergdahl, Answered

According to Anand Gopal, an expert on the Taliban at the New America Foundation, "of the five released Taliban," he writes, "only 2 have th

Tyson Foods Wins Hillshire, Eyes Breakfast Growth

Christopher Leonard, author of the recently released book “The Meat Racket: The Secret Takeover of America’s Food Business”, said the merger

What Does A Good Common Core Lesson Look Like?

In the Internet era, the best resources should be able to easily leap political boundaries and get into the hands of teachers across the cou

China, U.S. Tensions Run High At Sea And Under The Sun

But OPEC has the chance to rise again, says Quartz's Steve LeVine. The International Energy Agency has put a 10-year deadline on America's f

Here's What We Know About The Taliban Fighters Obama Just Released From Gitmo

Anand Gopal, an expert on the Taliban at the New America Foundation, thinks some of them could pose a real threat. "Of the five released Tal