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Cuomo Shifts From Christie Over Ebola Quarantines

Julian Zelizer, a professor of history and public affairs at Princeton University, said the optics of Mr. Christie not being in New Jersey d

Six Senate races that could tell the story of 2014

In an era of narrow majorities in the upper chamber, just one or two races can make all the difference in terms of who will be in control.

The shiny object election

The theme of the 2014 midterms — to whatever extent one is discernable — has been an explosion of one crisis after another, each of which de

Can female politicians use fashion in their favor?

Is fashion a factor in keeping women from assuming the highest levels of power? Thuy Linh Tu, Teri Agins, Robert Verdi and Julian Zelizer di

Millennial voters a new worry for Dems

Julian Zelizer, a professor of history and public affairs at Princeton University, agreed that winning over young voters is an issue for Dem

The Raw Honesty of Klinghoffer

Having seen the opera, I must respectfully disagree with the bereaved daughters. But I must also acknowledge that watching the opera is not

Redefine DeKalb

One of the most notable aspects of the recent Secret Service scandal revolves around money and the state of Congress.

What Ben Bradlee stood for

The death of famed Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee on Tuesday marks the symbolic end of an important era in American journalism, one that

Edward Markey trying to climb ladder in the Senate

“It’s not clear he’s been a player on that much in terms of legislating, especially since Congress isn’t doing that much,” said Julian E. Ze

Obama: One very successful president?

The article is important. Krugman rightfully directs our attention away from approval ratings and popularity -- measures that don't tell us

Finally, Home Care Workers Start Fighting Back

Historically, and today, how well a home care worker is treated depends entirely on the employer. Now, that’s finally changing.

Obama's midterm dilemma

“With Democrats still bullish about the gubernatorial races it seems they are redirecting his limited time away from Capitol Hill and toward