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A huge night for Republicans

Julian Zelizer: House and Senate now a further reach for Dems in 2016

Midterm election results may force President Obama to shift course

“A horrible situation on Capitol Hill is going to only get worse,” said Julian Zelizer, a political historian at Princeton University. “The

White House faces new challenges with GOP Congress

"I think the final two years will be a period of expanded executive power... and I think in Congress, although there will be some talk of bi

Barack Obama doesn't have to be a 'lame-duck' president

Zelizer said he believes there will be limited activity coming out of the White House in those last couple years. And with all eyes on the n

Christie's big day is nigh, but will his shower of RGA cash yield wins for GOP governors?

“He was this vey powerful candidate for the presidency,” said Julian Zelizer, a professor at Woodrow Wilson School of Public and Internation

Will a GOP-dominated Congress be good for America?

Will a GOP-dominated Congress be good for America?

House Dems brace for losses

“They want to keep this in the realm of a strong Democratic presidential candidate being able to have enough coattails to shift control in 2

Obamacare's Role in the Election

“The health care program isn’t explicitly part of the discussion, but it’s part of the campaigns and part of the way in which people are att

All Things Political - Election Edition

Kathleen is joined by two guests for this special election focused All Things Political. They'll discuss the Wisconsin Governor and Attorne

Why the negative ads we hate will endure

The truth is that people hate negative ads, but they pay attention to them. Sometimes, candidates are publicly seen to go too far. Generally

Should Americans be forced to vote?

Yet, mandatory voting is ill-suited to America's current realities.

Republicans get what they want: A midterm election about Obama

Less than 24 hours before Election Day, Republicans have what they want: a referendum on President Obama.GOP candidates are training their c