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Appetite, Bill and Barack

“Clinton was the last president we’ve had who loved politics,” Zelizer added. “Bush — and you can see this in his post-presidency — didn’t h

Hillary's rivals pull punches

"They realize that attacking someone who is a clear front-runner and who doesn't take criticism lightly will have huge costs," said Julian Z

Christie Faces Need for Tax With N.J. Roads Fund Empty

“The easy answer is you call it anything other than a tax, toll -- whatever other word you can find,” said Julian Zelizer, a Princeton Unive

Oregon gets early glimpse of presidential hopefuls

“Enthusiasm is high and they are pretty certain that after election day, this will be one visit where they can claim their visits helped,” s

White House cyber czar: To stay secure, kill the password – but keep data within reach of police

White House Cybersecurity Coordinator Michael Daniel spoke with The Christian Science Monitor's Passcode about training the next generation

For Podesta, Does the President Take Precedence?

The sixth year of any presidency will spur a “brain drain,” said Julian Zelizer, a presidential historian and Princeton University professor

Can an unpopular governor win the presidency?

“The first thing many Americans want to know is how the economy is doing in their state and do the people there like him,” Zelizer said. He

Decision 2014: A Campaign About Nothing?

Despite hundreds of millions of dollars spent by both Democrats and Republicans to win control of Congress and gubernatorial seats, many of

Panetta bombardment keeps focus on Obama for midterms

“You have to lean toward not responding,” said Princeton University political historian Julian Zelizer. “It’s hard for the president to get

U.S. still wants global leadership role, survey says

Daniel Rothenberg, co-director of the Future of War Project at Arizona State University, said he believes there is a substantial divide in p

Chinese Autonomous Tanks: Driving Themselves to a Battlefield Near You?

The US Navy made news this week by announcing a new type of autonomous robotic boat for protecting its fleet, but China is showing that it c

Hong Kong protestors might fail but that doesn’t mean the West shouldn’t take them seriously

Clearly, Hong Kong’s protestors have an uphill slog. The possibility of Beijing making significant concessions are almost nil. But it doesn’