2018 Fellows Information Session - NYC


Unfortunately, we have reached full capacity for the NYC Fellows Program information session!   

Note: For those unable to attend in person, the December 6th DC information session will be live streamed. Please visit the DC event page starting at 6 pm and the video will automatically load.  We ask that you please do not register if you will be viewing the session remotely.

You can submit questions during the conversation portion of the DC information session to fellowshipprogram@newamerica.org

The New America Fellows program supports talented journalists, scholars, analysts, filmmakers, and practitioners whose work confronts pressing problems of our time.

The project should be ambitious but well-defined. The project should be original, and compelling to a broad public, not intended for a specialist audience.

We support fellows for at least a year as they work on books, films, or other projects of similar scope. We provide fellows with two crucial elements: time, and a community of peers who can strengthen one another’s work.

The fellowship is competitive: last year, of over 400 applicants, we were able to offer 23 individuals fellowships. This means we must turn down many worthy projects.

Precise terms and stipend levels of fellowships vary widely, as some fellows work full-time at New America in pursuit of their research, while many others have other professional commitments during the term of their fellowship.

If you are interested in applying for a fellowship, you are invited to join program director Peter Bergen to discuss the process. Mr Bergen will be joined by groups of current and former fellows who can also discuss the application process and the fellowship itself.

We will hold two sessions: one in New York City on December 5 and one in Washington, DC on December 6. 

Click here for more information, and here to apply