In the Light of What We Know

In the Light of What We Know takes us on a journey of exhilarating scope--from Kabul to London, New York, Islamabad, Oxford, and Princeton.

The Bright Continent

The Bright Continent calls for a necessary shift in our thinking about Africa.

Now I Know Who My Comrades Are

Now I Know Who My Comrades Are provides on-the-ground accounts of how the Internet is transforming lives in China, Cuba, and Russia.

The Meat Racket

An investigative journalist takes you inside the corporate meat industry—a shocking, in-depth report every American should read.

The Up Side of Down

If you want to succeed in business and in life you have to learn how to harness the power of failure.

The Loudest Voice in the Room

A deeply reported journey inside the secretive world of Fox News and the life of its combative, visionary founder.

Five Days at Memorial

Pulitzer Prize winner Sheri Fink’s landmark investigation of patient deaths at a New Orleans hospital ravaged by Hurricane Katrina.

The Smartest Kids in the World

A journalistic tour de force, The Smartest Kids in the World is a book about building resilience in a new world.

The Pioneer Detectives

Konstantin Kakaes gives us a scientific police procedural, tracking the steps of those who sought to unravel the "Pioneer Anomaly."

To Save Everything, Click Here

To Save Everything, Click Here warns against a world of seamless efficiency.

Beautiful Souls

Beautiful Souls shows that the boldest acts of dissent are often carried out not only by radicals but also by true believers.

On Internet Freedom

In this important new work, On Internet Freedom, Marvin Ammori explains why Internet freedom will always remain under threat.