What Counterterrorism Can Teach Us About Thwarting Russian Disinformation

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Media Outlet: Washington Post

Joshua Geltzer wrote with Charles Kupchan for the Washington Post's "DemocracyPost" section on how the U.S. can respond to Russian hacking:

To counter this threat, our best guide isn’t Cold War-like containment. Instead, we should model our efforts on our largely successful approach to combating terrorists — who also seek to weaken democracy from within. Washington should draw on its fight against al-Qaeda and the Islamic State to develop a legal and policy framework for thwarting foreign interference, further punishing Russia and educating the U.S. public to reduce its vulnerability to foreign manipulation.


Joshua Geltzer is an ASU Future of War Fellow at New America. He is writing a book exploring challenges associated with modern communications technologies such as social media platforms, file-upload sites, and internet search engines.