The US-Israel MOU: Obama’s Legacy?

Article/Op-Ed in The Lobelog
Oct. 24, 2016

Zaha Hassan wrote for Lobelog about the new memorandum of understanding signed between US and Israel, which promised Israel $38 billion over the course of ten years:

President Obama recently pushed through a measure to advance the cause of Israel-Palestine peace. It will likely be his most enduring legacy. And virtually everyone missed it.
Hidden between the dollar signs of the record-breaking memorandum of understanding (MOU) that gifted Israel a whopping $38 billion dollars in foreign military financing and missile defense over 10 years are terms that will greatly neutralize the power of the lobbyists that have controlled the conversation in Washington on Israel-Palestine to the detriment of a just peace. And the president did it in such a way that prevented those lobbyists and its beneficiary, Israel—as well as the campaigns of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton—from complaining about it.