Trump's Dangerous Guantánamo Fixation Will Fuel Fire for Terrorists

Article/Op-Ed in The Hill
Nov. 20, 2017

Joshua Geltzer co-wrote for The Hill on why President Trump's suggestion to send the suspect from the October 31 New York City to GTMO is both counterproductive and not beneficial to U.S. national security:

There is no serious dispute among national security professionals that Guantánamo is used as a recruitment tool by those looking to kill and maim Americans. There is no serious dispute among number crunchers about the astronomical financial burdens that Guantánamo’s continued operation imposes on the United States without any identifiable security benefit. Sadly, last month’s terrorist attack in New York won’t, we fear, be the last one to kill Americans and yield a terrorism suspect in U.S. custody. When it happens again, Trump would serve us all well by forgoing his Guantánamo fetish that threatens our security.