A Time for Rage

Article/Op-Ed in Dissent
Joseph Sohm / Shutterstock.com
Nov. 9, 2016

Tim Shenk wrote for Dissent about the American electorate after the vote.

Rage, I dimly recall from a first-year intro to Western lit course, is the first word of The Iliad. A reference like that is one of many things I do that would make a Trump voter want to slap the glasses off my face, but it feels appropriate today. There will be a time for measured reflection on how to move forward. I call that time “Thursday.” Before I arrive at the last stop in Kübler-Ross’s stages of grief, I want to remember this anger.I’m not angry at Trump, at least not right now. He’s a liar, a fool, probably a sociopath, definitely a con artist—all that’s a given, and nothing new in American life. What’s strange, what’s shocking, what’s horrifying is how easy it was for him to become president.