There’s Still No Smoking Gun in the Trump-Russia Story

Article/Op-Ed in The Spectator
Flickr/ Michael Vadon
July 12, 2017

Paul Wood wrote in the Spectator (UK) on the Trump-Russia story still lacks clear evidence of collusion:

Still, the Pavlovian reaction of much of the US media to any development in the Trump-Russia story, a veritable orgiastic frenzy of delight, may be misjudged this time. The main way in which the Russians are alleged to have subverted the US election was by hacking the emails of Democratic party politicians and giving them to WikiLeaks. A former senior Obama administration official, briefed at the time by the intelligence agencies, told me Trump’s people told the Russians who to hack and when to publish to do the most damage. This is the alleged collusion being investigated by Congressional committees, a special counsel, and the FBI. By his own account, Junior’s meeting had nothing to do with any such conspiracy (for which no evidence has yet emerged). He says he was not being offered hacked material, criminally obtained, but official Russian legal documents.