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Important Report by White House on National Security Due Soon

Joshua Geltzerwrote for Just Securityon the importance and relevance of the forthcoming report from the Trump administration on the legal and policy framework underlying the justification for the use of military force abroad:

This report matters.  There is so much consuming the news cycle these days that it can be hard to know what to focus on.  But the basis for taking some of the most dramatic steps our government can take—capturing, detaining, or killing human beings—always deserves our collective focus and, moreover, our collective scrutiny.
What’s more, the report especially matters this year.  That’s not because of the particular President in office, at least not directly.  It’s because, in the fourteen months since the previous report was issued, U.S. operations have raised a host of new questions that this report was designed to answer—and to which Congress has now made clear it expects, and deserves, answers.