Donald Trump Proved Most People Wrong

Article/Op-Ed in The Spectator
Joseph Sohm /
Nov. 9, 2016

Paul Wood wrote for the Spectator about how Donald Trump proved most people wrong:

So, Trump was right, and everyone else was wrong. Most of all the pollsters – my advice to them: McDonalds and Starbucks are hiring, $9.00 an hour; that might be your best option for a while. A period of humility might be required from a few pundits and journalists, too. No one, it seemed, understood what kind of country America has become.
Hillary Clinton had been measuring the drapes for the White House. In the final days of the race, her staff privately predicted she would get 315 votes in the electoral college. ‘We’d like 340,’ a member of her staff said smugly. David Plouffe – President Obama’s campaign manager – tweeted that her path to 300+ was ‘rock solid’. 
It was such a stunning upset that even Trump himself – never one for self-doubt – hesitated to believe it. ‘He’s happy – but nervous,’ one of his friends told me, just having come from watching the results come with Trump, in his redoubt in Trump Tower in New York.  Trump then went off to celebrate the most improbable victory in American political history while, a few blocks away at what was supposed to be the Clinton victory party, people were quietly weeping.