Trump’s Inconvenient Racial Truth

Nikole Hannah-Jones wrote for the New York Times Magazine about Donald Trump and the dynamics of race in the 2016 election.

The Bigger Issues at Play: Mosul and the Future of Northern Iraq

Doug Ollivant wrote for War on the Rocks on Mosul.

What US Special Forces are doing on the ground in Syria and Iraq

Peter Bergen wrote for CNN about U.S. special forces operation against ISIS.

Hillary Clinton and the Populist Revolt

George Packer wrote the cover story for the New Yorker on how the Democratic party lost the white working class vote to Republicans.

A conversation with the general running the war against ISIS

Peter Bergen Wrote for CNN about the war against ISIS.

Before emails, GOP was livid about another 'smoking gun'

Julian Zelizer wrote for CNN about the GOP’s “smoking gun” in 1992.

US intercepts multiple shipments of Iranian weapons going to Houthis in Yemen

Peter Bergen wrote for CNN about U.S. interception of Iranian weapons shipment to Houthis.

Do Female Presidents Make a Difference?

Jay Newton-Small wrote in the Glamour November print edition about whether female presidents make a difference.

Boomtown on the Caspian

Gideon Lewis-Kraus wrote for the Virginia Quarterly Review on Baku.

One Click at a Time: The Change Agents of the Middle East

Nadia Oweidat writes for Foreign Policy Research Institute about the role of Media in an evolving Middle East.

How to Build a Civil Rights Movement for the Digital Age

Gideon Lewis-Kraus wrote a profile of Rashad Robinson in Wired's Obama issue.

The Decline in Chinese Cyberattacks: The Story Behind the Numbers

dahl writes for MIT Technology Review about the decline in Chinese cyberattacks