Trump's Dangerous Guantánamo Fixation Will Fuel Fire for Terrorists

Joshua Geltzer wrote for The Hill on why Trump's suggestion to send Sayfullo Saipov to GTMO is counterproductive and potentially harmful.

The Uncounted

Azmat Khan co-wrote a feature for the New York Times Magazine on how the U.S.-led battle against ISIS is killing many Iraqi civilians.

How the ‘Resistance’ Helped Democrats Dominate Virginia

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Where the Small-Town American Dream Lives On

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Putin’s Russia Wrestles with the Meaning of Trotsky and Revolution

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Why the First Amendment Constrains Trump’s Use of Twitter

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Will America ever have a woman president?

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For Quick and Strong Justice, Look to the Courts—Not Guantanamo

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Terror in NYC: The Real Test Comes Tomorrow, Not Today

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Why Would the Kremlin Be Interested in George Papadopoulos?

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Inside Sputnik, a Viral Internet Machine Funded by Russia

Katie Engelhart reported on the Washington DC headquarters of Sputnik: the Russian government-funded news agency for NBC Left Field.