The Knight’s Move

Gideon Lewis-Kraus wrote for The Nation about the new journal created in the spirit of Trumpism.

The Lessons of The Chibok Kidnapping, Three Years Later

Alexis Okeowo wrote for the New Yorker for the three year anniversary of the Chibok girls kidnapping.

What Did Rex Tillerson Accomplish in Moscow?

Joshua Yaffa wrote for the New Yorker about what Rex Tillerson accomplished in Moscow.

Someone Set Off All of Dallas’ Tornado Sirens Over the Weekend. But Was It a Hack?

Josephine Wolff wrote for Slate's Future Tense about the security breach on 156 tornado sirens in Dallas.

China aims to sow a revolution with GM seed takeover

Mara Hvistendahl wrote for Science Magazine on the planned ChemChina takeover of Syngenta and how it might affect the GM seed industry.

Congress Will Let Internet Providers Sell Your Data—So Rebels Devised A Way To Fool Corporation

Josephine Wolff writes for NextGov about Internet providers ability to sell consumers' data.

U.S. Increasingly Sees Iran’s Hand in The Arming of Bahraini Militants

Souad Mekhennet writes for the Washington Post about Iran's increasing intervention in Bahrain.

Trump Russia Dossier Key Claim 'Verified'

Paul Wood writes for the BBC about Russian involvement in Donald Trump's campaign.

Why We Need to Be Much More Careful About How We Use the Word Cyberattack

Josephine Wolff writes for Future Tense in Slate about the inaccurate usage of the term cyberattack.

Donald Trump, Lost in Africa

Alexis Okeowo wrote for the New Yorker about Donald Trump in Africa.

What the Russian Protests Mean for Putin

Joshua Yaffa wrote for the New Yorker about Russian protests.

Poison, Spies and Lies: A Lunch With Trump’s Old Friend Roger Stone

Paul Wood writes for the Spectator about his meeting with Roger stone