Press Releases

House Republican Tax Plan Combines Coverdell Education Savings Accounts and 529 College Savings Accounts

The House Republican plan for altering the tax system includes a proposal to combine Coverdell accounts and 529 accounts.

New America’s Mapping Financial Opportunity Project Wins Data Visualization Award

Mapping Financial Opportunity received a 2017 APDU Data Viz Award for exceptional analysis and visualization of public data.

Treasury Department's Decision to Close Down the myRA Program

Today the U.S. Department of the Treasury announced it is phasing out the myRA program and will not be accepting new enrollments.

Senate Votes to Kill Innovative State Retirement Savings Plans

The Senate strikes down a automatic-enrollment retirement savings plans to workers who are not covered by their employers.

Mapping Financial Opportunity Project Shows Poor and Black Communities Have Fewer Financial Service Providers

MFO compares the locations of banks and credit unions to payday lenders nationwide, down to the street level.

House Action Worsens Retirement Savings Crisis

Today’s vote undermines secure retirement for the half of the American workforce that has no retirement plan through their employer.

Statement: Secure Choice Rules Dim Retirement Prospects of Generations of Americans

House Rules Committee passed rules allowing a vote to strike down regulations on states' ability to offer auto-enrollment retirement plans.

The Case for Building a Social Policy Centered on Families

A report calling for new frameworks to help American families navigate today’s challenges.