Policy Papers

Inclusion by Design

This paper will explore the historical factors and racial stereotypes that have shaped U.S. welfare policy and evaluate alternative models.

Designed to Thrive

The Family-Centered Social Policy initiative believes it is time to step back and re-design the way policy is made from its inception.

Leveraging Public Assistance to Promote Financial Inclusion

TANF not only fails to support saving and financial inclusion, but also often actively discourages it.

Flexible Savings

The lack of flexible savings is a problem not only for lower-income families, but affects households at nearly all levels of income.

Strengthening Ties

The first report from New America's Family-Centered Social Policy Initiative examines how policies are working against families.

Improving the Tax Preparation Experience

This brief focuses on the need for standards for tax preparation as well as price disclosure and transparency.

Investing in Children

Properly designed and integrated Child Development Accounts can have lasting, positive effects on children's educational development.

Children's Savings Accounts

Research and experience in the field consistently supports the thesis that CSA's can help the next generation achieve the American Dream.