How do you save for retirement as a freelancer?

In The News Piece in CBS MoneyWatch
June 6, 2017

Justin King was quoted in a CBS MoneyWatch article on the ways in which freelancers can save for retirement in the absences of an employer-sponsored plans:

"A myRA plan is considered a started options for retirement saving. Your money is invested in a U.S. Treasury savings bond that paid annual interest of just under 2 percent last year. (The rate is 2.25 percent this year.)
There's no penalty to take out money in a pinch, because contributions are made after taxes. A myRA plan has an accumulation limit—a total of $15,000 or 30 years, whichever comes first—at which point the money will stop earning interest and must be moved to another retirement account. You can open a myRA if you have an annual income below $132,000 if single or below $194,000 if married and filing taxes jointly.
The plan's adaptability makes it especially appealing for freelancers just starting to save. 'It has low fees, is easy to access, and for a lot of contractors it's very flexible: you can take the money out and use it without paying any taxes, penalty or fees—that's important when you have inconsistent incomes.' Justin King, director of the Family Centered Social Policy Program at the New America Foundation, told CBS MoneyWatch."