Deadbeat Democrats

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Photo: Flickr Creative Commons/Photos by Clark
Media Outlet: New Republic

Aleta Sprague and Rachel Black's piece on the 'welfare queen' was referenced in New Republic:

"Rather than reframe the debate over welfare, Clinton ended up legitimizing the notion that the poor need 'tough love,' reinforcing the racist stereotypes that had been peddled by Reagan, and whetting the GOP’s appetites for even more cuts. Today, drawing on the same rationale that was given credence by Clinton, Trump and his Republican allies in Congress are clamoring for another round of 'welfare reform.'" 

In the News:

Aleta Sprague is a program fellow with the Family-Centered Social Policy program at New America.

Rachel Black is the co-director of the Family-Centered Social Policy program at New America. In this role, she leads research, analysis, and public commentary around a portfolio of issues devoted to creating a more equitable public policy approach to  advancing a new vision for social policy that allows all families to thrive in an era of growing risk, uncertainty, and inequality.