A Dissent to 'Closing the Achievement Gap'

Policy Paper
Aug. 31, 2006

A Dissenting View

Thank you for the opportunity to review "Closing the Achievement Gap Through Expanded Access to Quality Early Education in Grades PK-3.” The paper examines the very important issue of how to better prepare young children for kindergarten and presents a highly ambitious policy response to advance that goal. The following review endorses the aspiration but questions the recommended means of achieving it and suggests that the proposal might both undermine the author’s laudable ambitions and cause severe unintended consequences.

To read the complete dissenting view, please see the attached PDF version below.

Stephen Goldsmith is a member of the Advisory Panel to the Early Education Initiative at the New America Foundation.

 a-dissent-to-closing-the-achievement-gap  a-dissent-to-closing-the-achievement-gap