Higher Ed & Workforce

Higher Ed & Workforce policy explainers detail issue areas affecting students and adults transitioning into the workforce.

Higher Ed Data

Data on our higher education system is key for consumer information, accountability, and informed policy. Much of this data remains unavailable.


Postsecondary Institutions

As higher education has become more widespread, the number of types of institutions students can choose from has also begun to expand.


Federal Student Aid

The federal government funds higher education primarily through student-based financial aid. Federal student aid consists of loans, grants, and tax benefits.


Higher Ed Tax Benefits

The federal government provides a number of different tax reductions (credits, deductions, and exemptions) to assist individuals and families in paying for a higher education.


Innovation in Higher Ed

Online and blended learning models, competency-based education, alternative providers of education, along with a range of other innovative approaches to higher education have emerged.