Will a Gainful Employment Rule for For-Profit Colleges Return?

In The News Piece in Diverse Issues in Higher Education
Jan. 13, 2022

Amy Laitinen shares with Diverse Issues in Higher Education the importance of implementing a gainful employment(GE) rule.

To Amy Laitinen, director for higher education at New America, a public policy think tank, a GE rule is critical to implement the law already in place under HEA. She and Bass noted as well that they will be curious to see which alliances will form among negotiators during rulemaking about GE.

“Who is going to end up supporting this—and who isn’t?” said Laitinen at the press briefing. “We know the for-profit industry in particular has fought gainful employment every step of the way over the last decade. But it will be interesting to see how other various factions align on this.”

Whitehead said that he will be closely watching what for-profit college regulations will come: “Schools need to be held accountable for their lies because they have the power to destroy our lives."

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