What DeVos’s ‘Reset’ on 2 Major Consumer Rules Means for Colleges

In The News Piece in The Chronicle of Higher Education
Gage Skidmore / CC2.0
June 14, 2017
Clare McCann was quoted in the Chronicle of Higher Education about the the Education Department's decision to delay and renegotiate two of President Obama's signature regulations, the borrower "defense to repayment" rule and the gainful-employment rule.

"HBCUs and for-profits have always been strange bedfellows on a number of topics, and borrower defense is no exception," said Clare McCann, a senior policy analyst with New America’s Education Policy program. Most of the concerns that HBCUs have expressed, she said, were addressed in the final version of the rule — and their lingering worries may be due to continuing concerns about their financial futures. "Effectively, the one thing that wasn’t addressed was weakening the standard to make it essentially useless," Ms. McCann continued.