The U.S. college system is broken, millennials say

In The News Piece in Market Watch
Greece Central School District, February 6, 2009 (C) U.S. Department of Education - Flickr
May 13, 2017

Rachel Fishman was quoted in Market Watch about Varying Degrees, a New America survey on the public opinion of higher education. 

The gap in attitudes should come as little surprise, given the difference in the ways millennials and their parents and grandparents experienced college and the economy after they graduated. Young people coming out of school over the past several years have left with tens of thousands in student debt on average, thanks to the rising cost of college, and into a sluggish labor market, often struggling to find a job that makes use of their degree.
“They’re the ones who have the most experience with the system and they’re the ones that are like, ‘Oh gosh, no, things are not OK,’” said Rachel Fishman, a senior policy analyst in the education policy program at New America.