Trump Budget Would Slash Student Aid and Research

In The News Piece in Inside Higher Ed
May 24, 2017

Clare McCann was quoted in Inside Higher Ed about Trump's proposed budget and the implications for student aid. 

Clare McCann, a senior policy analyst with New America's education policy program, said it's not surprising that the White House found savings in the programs it did -- both Republicans and Democrats have supported modifying or eliminating the loan-forgiveness program or subsidized student loans in the past. 
"The problem is they don't have any vision to reinvest that money in ways to make higher education more accessible," she said of the Trump administration. "So at the end of the day all they've done is make college less affordable."
McCann said legislative language in the documents removing a ban on randomized control trials for TRIO programs was a positive step, if one that would make the White House few friends among TRIO supporters.