Thriving State Economies Support Robust Public Education Systems

States ranking highly in education have strong economies and public financial commitments to schools.

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Media Outlet: US News & World Report

Laura Bornfreud was quoted by US News & World Report in an article on which states provide adequate funding for quality preschool programs:

And when it comes to preschool quality, says Laura Bornfreud, director of early and elementary education at New America, an independent think-tank in Washington, D.C., New Jersey, Maryland and Massachusetts are acing the test.
"In each of those states are efforts to improve and focus on principals and beef up their understanding of early childhood and the kinds of conditions they're establishing in elementary school," she says. "They are going above and beyond on the quality side in pre-K."
New Jersey, in particular, Bornfreud notes, recently restructured its Department of Education so that the personnel for early learning and elementary overlaps and there is better communication about what's expected of students. "They've done a lot of work to create implementation guides to help improve instruction as to what's actually happening in the classrooms," she says.

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Laura Bornfreund is director of early & elementary education policy with the Education Policy program and co-director of the Family Centered Social Policy program at New America. She leads a team of writers and analysts working on new ideas for improving children’s birth-through-third grade learning experiences.