Thinner Ice

In The News Piece in Harvard Magazine
Source: Flickr/WOCinTech (microsoft)
June 17, 2019

Harvard Magazine referenced the "supporting students of color in education" paper by Amy Laitinen, Rachel Fishman, and Clare McCann.

Even before the scandal made headlines, the think tank New America published “Supporting Students of Color in Higher Education,” in response to a query from four U.S. senators (two of them declared candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination). In offering “our insights about protecting and empowering students of color to ensure they have equitable access to high-quality, affordable educational opportunities after high school” (the point of affirmative action, by the way), the authors advocated
ending federal financial aid for “highly-resourced and highly-selective institutions that engage in legacy admissions and other preferential admissions treatments that overwhelmingly favor wealthy and white families, including early decision programs” and\
requiring lottery-based admissions processes among “highly-selective colleges and universities that want access to federal research dollars.”