Social And Emotional Skills: Everybody Loves Them, But Still Can't Define Them

In The News Piece in NPR
Aug. 14, 2017

Laura Bornfreund was quoted in NPR on the importance of teaching social and emotional skills:

This isn't just a semantic issue, argues Laura Bornfreund at the New America Foundation. She wrote a paper on what she called "Skills for Success" because she didn't like any of these other terms.

"There's a lot of different terms floating around but also a lack of agreement on what really is most important to students."


But Bornfreund is sticking to her guns. "I still refer to them as Skills for Success for short; skills, habits and mindsets for success would be the full descriptor. Because they are both cognitive and academic, and more than character traits, those labels don't fit. I haven't heard any new terms that fit better."