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Media Outlet: Inside Higher Ed

Mary Alice McCarthy was quoted in Inside Higher Ed on Alabama's decision to issue manufacturing industry certifications across its two-year college system:

“It’s interesting that Alabama went with MSSC,” said Mary Alice McCarthy, director of the Center for Education and Skills at New America, adding that more states are working with industry credentialing bodies to negotiate lower assessment costs for their students, or to get the data on who did or didn’t pass them.

McCarthy said Florida, North Carolina and Tennessee also are bargaining with industry groups on behalf of students in career and technical education programs.


“In the career and training education space, there is a bipartisan consensus for creating opportunities for high school students so after high school they move to a certificate or applied degree,” McCarthy said. “These programs they’re going into aren’t four-year degree programs, they’re career focused and shortened.”

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Mary Alice McCarthy is the director of the Center on Education & Skills with the Education Policy program at New America (CESNA). Her work examines the intersection between higher education, workforce development, and job training policies