Private School Vouchers Are the Fool's Gold of Better Education

In The News Piece in the Dallas Morning News
Feb. 27, 2017

The Dallas Morning News cited Kevin Carey's New York Times article on the failure of school vouchers in an article about the false promise of vouchers:

A recent New York Times article pointed out that "even as school choice is poised to go national, a wave of new research has emerged suggesting that private school vouchers may harm students who receive them. The results are startling — the worst in the history of the field, researchers say."
"Students who use vouchers to attend private schools have fared worse academically compared to their closely matched peers attending public schools," the researchers found, according to The Times article, authored by Kevin Carey, director of the education policy program at New America.
While vouchers and charters often are lumped under "school choice," the best charters "tend to be nonprofit public schools, open to all and accountable to public authorities. The less 'private' that school choice programs are, the better they seem to work," Carey concluded.