New Money and New Players on Apprenticeships

In The News Piece in Inside Higher Ed
June 14, 2017

Mary Alice McCarthy was mentioned in Inside Higher Ed about the President Trump's apprenticeship plans for Workforce Development Week. 

Federally recognized apprenticeships often last two years or longer, said Mary Alice McCarthy, director of the Center on Education and Skills with the education policy program at New America.
“Apprenticeship is not a short-term training program, as it shouldn’t be,” she said.
McCarthy said she would applaud the new money, adding that the H-1B source is appropriate. A key question, she said, is which programs will be eligible. One possibility is that the federal money could go to apprenticeship programs that are not registered with the feds or states. That might open the door to lower-quality experiences for apprentices, she said.
Likewise, McCarthy said some noncollege providers could charge more than community colleges for the learning component. Price hasn’t been a problem in the past, she said, but that could change.
“It should be cost-free to the apprentice,” said McCarthy, who worked for both the Labor and Education Departments during the Obama administration.