Ms. DeVos’s Fake History About School Choice

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Photo: Gage Skidmore / Flickr
Media Outlet: New York Times

Kevin Carey’s piece in the New York Times on the failure of the school voucher program was cited in a New York Times editorial piece about Betsy DeVos:

Ms. DeVos’s insulting distortion of history, which she tried to pull back after furious criticism, grows out of her obsession with market-driven school policies, including the idea of a publicly funded voucher program that public school students could use to pay for private education.
But as Kevin Carey reported in The Times just last week, new research shows that voucher programs may actually harm many students by shunting them into low-quality private schools. Taken together, three of the largest voucher programs in the country, enrolling nearly 180,000 children nationwide, showed negative results.

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Kevin Carey is the vice president for education policy and knowledge management at New America and directs the Education Policy program.