Lawmakers want more research before they spend big on preschool. When it comes to vouchers, there’s no such hesitation.

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Media Outlet: Chalkbeat Indiana

Elena Silva was quoted in Chalkbeat Indiana on contradictory ideology related to such issues as school vouchers and state-funded preschool.

Elena Silva, a researcher at New America, a Washington, D.C.-based think tank, said this contradictory ideology isn’t unusual. She’s seen the same rhetoric across the nation that upholds vouchers as freedom of choice and expansive state-funded preschool as government intrusion. But regardless of which side you sit on, she said, the result is the same: The state taking on a greater role in education. 
“As soon as you enter into that,” Silva said. “You are essentially shaking hands with the government.”


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Elena Silva is director of PreK-12 for the Education Policy program at New America. Her research and writing focuses on a wide range of educational issues, including teacher’s work, school design and improvement, and the assessment and measurement of student learning.