Kids of the 'Digital Age'

In The News Piece in KALB Central Louisiana
Feb. 16, 2017

Lisa Guernsey was quoted by KALB Central Louisiana about how screen time can aid child development:

Lisa Guernsey, Director of the New American Foundation’s Early Education Initiative, spoke of how children seem to zone out with television, but with certain apps or computer games, they could learn to use real-world skills that they could apply to everyday life.

Essentially, screen-time can be monitored and interactive just as a parent would be reading a book to a child. A parent could engage a child as to what is going on in a game, or ask questions as they go along about what the child understands.

Both Christakis and Guernsey pointed out that the content of what a child absorbs is a huge factor. Educational content, or conversational content, seem to be better suited for young, developing brains.