It’s not just the SBC banning Critical Race Theory; now state legislatures are joining the fight

In The News Piece in Baptist News Global
Photo by Max Fischer from Pexels Copy
May 26, 2021

Jazmyne Owens was quoted in Baptist News Global about state bills that seek to prevent schools from engaging in conversations about race, racism and slavery by banning Critical Race Theory.

Critical Race Theory is not typically taught in elementary and secondary schools “because it is based in legal theory,” said Owens, of the public policy think tank New America. She said the wave of legislation “is really aimed at erasing and whitewashing American history.”

For example, a bill that has passed the Texas House bans discussion of white privilege and white supremacy, she said. “In the long term, bills of this nature, and those that intend to censor the way that race and systemic racism is discussed in the classroom, are way more harmful to students.

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