How Will DeVos Influence Higher Education?

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Media Outlet: The Washington Post

Amy Laitinen was quoted in the Washington Post about the appointments of high-level officials at the Department of Education: 

“Once those high level officials are selected, we all need to be paying really close attention to who they are because they’re going to be running the day-to-day operations in terms of which regulations are going to be enforced and which ones aren’t,” said Amy Laitinen, director for higher education at the New America Foundation. 


While Republicans and many college presidents complain that regulations are too onerous, Laitinen said the sheer size of the government’s investment in student aid warrants rules to hold schools accountable.

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Amy Laitinen is director for higher education with the Education Policy program at New America. She previously served as a policy advisor on higher education at both the U.S. Department of Education and the White House.