The GOP’s Proposed College Endowment Tax Is Bad News for Minnesota’s Carleton and Macalester

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Media Outlet: MinnPost

Kim Dancy was quoted in MinnPost on the GOP’s proposed college endowment tax:

According to Kim Dancy, a senior policy analyst at the New America Foundation think tank, there are a variety of ways an institution could respond to the new tax. Cutting back on financial aid is an option, either by granting fewer awards or making the awards students receive less generous. Schools might also admit fewer students that require need-based financial aid, and admit more students who can pay the sticker price of a college education.

“There’s as many approaches to this as there are universities that’d be subject to these rules,” Dancy explains. “There’s a lot of different things you can do, but it would create a different situation, in which you have to make tougher choices about how you spend your money.”

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Kim Dancy is a senior policy analyst with the Education Policy program at New America. She works with the higher education team, where she conducts original research and data analysis on higher education issues, including federal funding for education programs.