Good Schools for All: What Works Best for English-Learners

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Media Outlet: Voice of San Diego

Ruby Takanishi joined the Voice of San Diego to talk about the most effective ways to educate dual language learners:

Author and education expert Ruby Takanishi joins the show to talk about a recent report by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine that examined the most effective ways to educate English-learners.
Takanishi said that even though more and more educators and researchers are promoting multilingualism at schools, school districts in several states are still lagging in providing adequate resources for students who don’t speak English.
“It is very clear that (English-language learners) in all states throughout the country are really at the bottom of the charts,” she said. “They have widest achievement disparities among different groups, including racial ethnic groups and economic groups.”

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Ruby Takanishi is a senior research fellow with the Education Policy Program at New America.