Federal Agencies Cooperating More on Early Learning, GAO Report Finds

In The News Piece in Education Week
July 31, 2017

Aaron Loewenberg was quoted in Education Week about a recent Government Accountability Office report. 

Earlier this month when the author of the report addressed the House education's committee's panel that oversees early-childhood education, some committee members expressed those concerns.
But Aaron Loewenburg with New America, a public policy think tank, believes that those concerns may be overblown. In an analysis of the report and the response to it, he said that "while many members of the House subcommittee lamented the fact that certain federal programs overlap, in a November 2016 joint report to Congress, HHS and the Department of Education point out that 'purposeful overlap' of programs can be necessary to meet the unique needs of children and families who might require more than one type of service."