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Is There a Better Way to Observe Veterans Day?

Differences in how military holidays are observed can’t be reduced to a numbers game, though. In the United States, at least, they may also

Spiraling graduate student debt raises alarms

The change could also encourage graduate students to borrow even more than they already do, and remain enrolled and living off their loans f

For-Profit Colleges Sue The Federal Government Over Student Loan Rules

Both he and Ben Miller, a senior education policy analyst at the New America Foundation, say that even should the rule survive this new chal

Federal Policy, the Election, and the Changing Ivory Tower

The Ivory Tower is changing. People want to acquire new skills more often, get degrees later in life, and do so on schedules convenient to t

Study finds higher-education is a 'minefield'

"One hurdle facing kids leaving high school is that we offer little useful information on pathways between career programs and jobs," said M

INSIGHT-US student debt burden falling more on top earners, easing bubble fears

Jason Delisle, an education policy expert at the New America Foundation in Washington, has analyzed government data and estimates that about

Lamar Alexander Wants to Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

He’s clearly very smart and very engaged," said Kevin Carey, director of the education-policy program at the New America Foundation. "He’s a

"This Week": Gainful Employment and the Future of For-Profit Colleges

On the latest "This Week," Inside Higher Ed's free weekly news podcast, Ben Miller of the New America Foundation and Vickie Schray of Bridge

College Applicants Get Glimpse at Their Future Job Prospects

Private colleges backed a 2008 law that prohibits the federal government from creating a database tying academic records to postgraduate ear

Gainful Employment and the Federal Ability to Sanction Colleges

There will be a number of analyses of the exact details of gainful employment over the coming days (I highly recommend anything written by B

Chaos for Dual Language Learners and The Learning for English Academic Proficiency and Success Act

Such models are mandated by the ESEA, so all states comply in one way or another—but the lack of interstate consensus on exactly how to comp

Reshape Reclassification Policies for Youngest Language Learners, Report Says

If we don't make policy changes soon, according to a new report, America runs the risk of losing its fastest-growing resource: students who