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"This Week": Gainful Employment and the Future of For-Profit Colleges

On the latest "This Week," Inside Higher Ed's free weekly news podcast, Ben Miller of the New America Foundation and Vickie Schray of Bridge

College Applicants Get Glimpse at Their Future Job Prospects

Private colleges backed a 2008 law that prohibits the federal government from creating a database tying academic records to postgraduate ear

Gainful Employment and the Federal Ability to Sanction Colleges

There will be a number of analyses of the exact details of gainful employment over the coming days (I highly recommend anything written by B

Chaos for Dual Language Learners and The Learning for English Academic Proficiency and Success Act

Such models are mandated by the ESEA, so all states comply in one way or another—but the lack of interstate consensus on exactly how to comp

Reshape Reclassification Policies for Youngest Language Learners, Report Says

If we don't make policy changes soon, according to a new report, America runs the risk of losing its fastest-growing resource: students who

Neal Cuthbert: New MN law supports English language learners, among our greatest assets

We also consulted with Conor P. Williams, Ph.D., of the New America Foundation, who helped us understand LEAPS in the context of a national

States Far From Uniform in Commitment to Kindergarten

While high-quality preschool tops the agenda for many federal, state, and local officials, kindergarten—widely considered the first year of

Front-Row View of Ed Conversation Can Be Pretty Ugly

Education writer Conor P. Williams has what he calls a “front-row seat” to the conversation about public education. And that close-up view c

Lisa Guernsey on the Jim Engster Show

Also, Lisa Guernsey closes out Monday's show to promote and discuss her latest book Screen Time: How Electronic Media - From Baby Videos to

12 education thought leaders you should follow on Twitter

Williams is a senior researcher with the New America Foundation, which means he is not only sifting through a lot of data, but has a lot of

Teachers Unions Under Fire

Teachers unions are fighting back against a California ruling that gutted two things they hold sacred: tenure laws and seniority provisions.

Is New York City’s universal pre-K program a worthwhile priority?

Mayor Bill De Blasio’s signature campaign project is set to launch next week, with over 50,000 students enrolled. On-air guest panel of expe