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Media Outlet: Mother Jones

Clare McCann was quoted in Mother Jones about the Department of Education's changing tides under Secretary DeVos' leadership. 

Clare McCann, a senior policy analyst who follows higher education at New America, tells Mother Jones that the department’s recent actions play into a “concerning” pattern that suggests it is “more interested in protecting the interests of institutions than they are of protecting borrowers and taxpayers’ interests.”
So the delayed implementation of the rule—as well as the uncertainty that comes with establishing a newly negotiated rule, as DeVos has promised they’re trying to do—could force students seeking relief to wait even longer under mounting debt, McCann says. Even as the Education Department tries to discharge loans as quickly as possible—they announced last month that nearly 16,000 applications were being processed and some borrowers could expect to receive payments “within next several weeks”—McCann says that the department undercuts its own efforts by keeping in place a more “cumbersome” process of submitting an individual claim to convince the department that the college they attended engaged in fraud. 
As for students awaiting financial relief, McCann says, “they are continuing to suffer from the economic hardship of going to a school that they believe defrauded them and potentially leaving them with a degree with little to no value without getting any kind of relief from the federal government.”

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Clare McCann is the deputy director for federal higher education policy with New America's Education Policy program. She previously served as a senior adviser on higher education policy at the U.S. Department of Education.