About Higher Education

Higher education is a pillar of national prosperity. But for a growing number of students, steep tuition prices, suspect quality, and unmanageable debt are keeping the American dream out of reach. Loan default rates are at record highs, learning results uneven, and graduation rates lagging. Low-income, minority, and first-generation students continue to fall behind their peers in earning high-quality degrees.

New America’s higher education program works to make higher education more accessible, innovative, student-centered, outcomes-focused, and equitable. Our federal policy team conducts research and analysis to ensure that financial aid reaches all students without burdening them with unmanageable debt. Our state policy experts work with governors and legislatures to strengthen the promise of public higher education. We are developing policies that will open up higher learning to new organizational models, technological solutions, and approaches to teaching.

We believe that higher education extends beyond traditional college environments to the community and workplace, and that citizens need lifelong opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skills. By providing timely analysis and provocative ideas, we are working to transform higher learning for the digital age.