PreK–12 Education

Below, please find a roster of our experts on K-12 education. Or, send an email to our media contact.

roxanne garza
Roxanne Garza

Areas of expertise: Expanded learning time; instructional materials and standards; STEM education; teacher preparation; teacher and school leader certification

blank circle
Elena Silva

Areas of expertise: Assessment; college and career readiness; gender/race equity issues; high schools; homeschooling; special education; teachers

abigail swisher
Abigail Swisher

Areas of expertise: Arts development in urban areas; college and career readiness; Common Core; K-12 testing/assessment; state academic standards

lindsey tepe
Lindsey Tepe

Areas of expertise: College and career readiness; pre-K;  instructional materials and standards; learning technologies; online assessment; personalized learning; school broadband connectivity; teacher preparation

melissa tooley
Melissa Tooley

Areas of expertise: Educator quality; talent management; instructional materials and standards; teacher and school leader certification; teacher preparation, evaluation, ongoing development, retention, compensation, and diversity

conor p williams
Conor P. Williams

Areas of expertise: Dual language learners; early education; educationreform; English language learners; immigration; school choice; school integration; urban education policy